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Love’s Activity


Kindness is usefulness in a good sense, and always in small things. The word “kindness” refers to that attitude of life which makes men see the little thing which, being done, will minister to some other soul. I submit to you, is there anything equal to maintaining you in the kindness of doing little things except love? I am afraid it must be granted that there may be motives for great philanthropies other than that of love. Amos was a wonderful prophet, and he, when he was dealing with the men of his day, said, “They proclaim freewill offerings and publish them.” Love is not necessarily behind the published gift. . . . Here is a young man who, if he were talking to me, would tell me he loves his mother. He would even tell me that he was willing to die for her. Nonsense! Stay at home tomorrow night and read to her for half an hour. Kindness is the willingness to do simple things to help other people. When Jesus approaches a subject He says the last thing. According to Him, the cup of cold water, which costs nothing but the trouble of seeing that it is wanted and the giving, counts in heaven. What will make a man keen-eyed enough to see the thousand and one little needs of life and meet them? Nothing but love. Kindness is love’s activity.

—G. Campbell Morgan, The Westminster Pulpit (Sermon: “The Fruit of the Spirit”) (Baker, 2006), 1:174–175.

Posted 2018·08·07 by David Kjos
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