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And furthermore . . .

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post, Teach as Jesus Taught, I present this from Carl Trueman:


Historically, it was one of the objections Erasmus made to Luther’s doctrine of the bondage of the will. How could it make sense to preach the law when nobody could fulfill its commands? Or predestination when it would only subvert any notion of real moral accountability? But this kind of objection to certain doctrines—we might call it the kerygmatic fallacy*—is no monopoly of Luther’s nemesis or of anti-Protestants. His own friend and colleague, Philip Melanchthon also thought preaching predestination was a bad idea, a position for which he was implicitly slapped by his Reformed contemporary and friend, John Calvin, in his Institutes. For Calvin and Luther, the presence of a doctrine in God’s Word meant that it must be preached. God knew best and therefore no matters of human taste or misplaced concerns about its impact could silence a biblical doctrine. The kerygmatic fallacy was just that—a fallacy.

. . .

So the only evaluative question to ask about any doctrine is this: ‘Is it historic, biblical Christianity?’ And if the answer to that is yes, then the next question is not ‘Is it preachable?’—by definition it must be—but rather ‘How then should I preach it?’ And, whatever the doctrine may be, a brief but humble glance at the great theologian-preachers of the past will almost certainly help you answer that.

(Full article: The Kerygmatic Fallacy)

* Kerygma (κηρύγμα) : preaching

Posted 2018·08·09 by David Kjos
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