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All I Need to Know

My thought for the day:

Every now and then, I see an attempted answer to the question, “What is the minimum one must know and believe to be a Christian?” The answers I see are usually pretty good, putting the gospel in the smallest nutshell possible. Still, the question itself bothers me. It seems rather like asking, “What is the least I need to know about my wife to be married?” What kind of husband would ask such an absurd question? Who would even think it? If I love my wife, I want to know everything there is to know about her. Likewise, if I love God—and if I don’t, I’m not a Christian—I want to know everything there is to know about him. Aiming for a minimum would never cross my mind.

So I worry about those who find theology irrelevant or boring, and are content with Christianity Lite. It may often be a matter of maturity, but I fear it is more often something much more fundamental.

Do you love God? Do you want to know him intimately, or is a casual acquaintance satisfactory?

What is the minimum I need to know? Everything!


Posted 2018·08·16 by David Kjos
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