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The True Inspiration of Goodness


What is the inspiration of goodness? Goodness is a word which we have relegated to the nursery. We still tell the children to be good. What, then, is the inspiration of goodness in a child? Love. You may keep your boy good in the externalities by being a moral policeman. If you want to bind him to goodness through the coming years you must make of him such a boy that when he comes up to the city and sin confronts him he will say, “No, I cannot do it. It would whiten father’s hair and break mother’s heart!” Love is the only sufficient inspiration of goodness. “If ye love me, ye will keep my commandments.” That is the whole philosophy of goodness, and you will never be good while you are aiming to be good because you may lose your respectability by badness. When love is in your heart, and you can say, “I cannot grieve my Father,” that is the true inspiration of goodness. Goodness is love’s quality.

—G. Campbell Morgan, The Westminster Pulpit (Sermon: “The Fruit of the Spirit”) (Baker, 2006), 1:176.

Posted 2018·08·20 by David Kjos
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