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Frivolous Friday: Take It

This is a serious blog, so I feel obligated to temper the following frivolity with a serious note. So here you go; this is serious: From comedians who preach their opinions to athletes who kneel during the national anthem, I really dislike (to put it mildly) entertainers who use their platforms to make political statements. As others before me have said, “Shut up and sing!” On the other hand, as long as they don’t get too obnoxious about it, and are truly entertaining, I can still enjoy their work. Such is the case with the Smothers Brothers. I was just a wee lad during their heyday, so wasn’t a witness to the Vietnam-era political satire that irritated my parents and got them fired from CBS in 1969, but I’ve always got a kick out of their act whenever I’ve seen them, and I pity those who can’t. Here endeth the serious portion of this post.

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Postmodern Undecideds, I give you [drum roll] the Smothers Brothers.

Posted 2018·09·21 by David Kjos
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Posted in: Humor?

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