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Weary and Heavy-Laden


Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.

—Matthew 11:28


I am to show you what it is to be weary and heavy laden with sins. And you may be said, my brethren, to be weary and heavy laden, when your sins are grievous unto you and it is with grief and trouble you commit them.

You, who are awakened unto a sense of your sins, who see how hateful they are to God and how they lay you open to his wrath and indignation and would willingly avoid them; who hate yourselves for committing them; when you are thus convinced of sin, when you see the terrors of the law and are afraid of his judgments; then you may be said to be weary of your sins. And O how terrible do they appear when you are first awakened to a sense of them. When you see nothing but the wrath of God ready to fall upon you and you are afraid of his judgments! O how heavy is your sin to you then! Then you feel the weight thereof and that it is grievous to be born.

When you are obliged to cry out under the burden of your sins and know not what to do for relief; when this is your case, you are weary of your sins. It does not consist in a weariness all of a sudden. No, it is the continual burden of your soul, it is your grief and concern that you cannot live without offending God and sinning against him. And these sins are so many and so great, that you fear they will not be forgiven.

—George Whitefield, “Christ the Only Rest for the Weary and Heavy Laden” in Lee Gatiss (Ed.), The Sermons of George Whitefield (Crossway, 2012), 1:362–363.

Posted 2019·01·09 by David Kjos
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