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Will You Not Go?


Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.

—Matthew 11:28


I come, next, to show you what is meant by coming to Christ. It is not, my brethren, coming with your own works. No, you must come in full dependence upon the Lord Jesus Christ, looking on him as the Lord who died to save sinners. Go to him, tell him you are lost, undone, miserable sinners and that you deserve nothing but hell. And when you thus go to the Lord Jesus Christ out of yourself, in full dependence on the Lord Jesus Christ, you will find him an able and a willing Saviour. He is pleased to see sinners coming to him in a sense of their own unworthiness. And when their case seems to be most dangerous, most distressed, then the Lord in his mercy steps in and gives you his grace. He puts his Spirit within you, takes away your heart of stone and gives you a heart of flesh. Stand not out then against this Lord but go unto him, not in your own strength but in the strength of Jesus Christ.

So this brings me . . . to consider the exhortation Christ gives unto all of you, high and low, rich and poor, one with another, to come unto him that you may have rest. And if Jesus Christ gives you rest, you may be sure it will be a rest indeed. It will be such a rest as your soul wants. It will be a rest which the world can neither give nor take away. O come all of ye this night and you shall find rest. Jesus Christ hath promised it.

. . .

Let me beseech you to come unto Christ and he will give you rest. You shall find rest unto your souls. O you, my weary, burdened brethren, do but go to Christ in this manner and though you go to him weary, you shall find rest before you come from him. Let not anything short of the Lord Jesus Christ be your rest. For wherever you seek you will be disappointed. But if you do but seek unto the Lord Jesus Christ, there you will find a fullness of everything which your weary soul wants. Go to him this night. Here is an invitation to all you who are weary souls. He does not call you, O Pharisees. No, it is only you weary sinners. . . . Therefore, be not for staying till you have something to bring, come in all your rags, in all your filthiness, in all your distresses and you will soon find Jesus Christ ready to help and to relieve you. He loves you as well in your rags as in your best garments. He regards not your dress. No, do but come unto him and you shall soon find rest for your souls.

What say you? Shall I tell my Master you will come unto him and that you will accept him on his own terms? Let me, my brethren, beseech you to take Jesus without anything of your own righteousness. For if you expect to mix anything of yourself with Christ, you build upon a sandy foundation. But if you take Christ for your rest, he will be that unto you. Let me beseech you to build upon this rock of ages. O my brethren, think of the gracious invitation, ‘Come unto me,’ to Jesus Christ. It is he that calls you. And will you not go?

—George Whitefield, “Christ the Only Rest for the Weary and Heavy Laden” in Lee Gatiss (Ed.), The Sermons of George Whitefield (Crossway, 2012), 1:363–365.

Posted 2019·01·10 by David Kjos
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