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At least it’s not another dog story

Several working men and a duck came into a bar and ordered beer. The bartender immediately noticed the duck, and remarked, “Excuse me, but I couldn’t help noticing . . . you’re a duck!”

“Your mama didn’t raise any dummies,” replied the duck.

“Yeah, but . . . you can talk!” exclaimed the bartender.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, and I can sing, too, if I’m in a good mood. Now can I get that beer please?” Incredulous, the bartender served the duck his pint and asked him what he was doing in the area.

“Oh,” said the duck, “I work in construction, I’m a mason—a bricklayer. My company’s working that new development up north of here, staying at the hotel next door. We’ll be here for a couple of weeks, so we’ll be in most days after work for a little refreshment.” True to his word, each day the duck waddled in with the crew and took a stool at the bar.

The next week, a circus came to town. The circus owner came in for a cold one. Serving him his beer, the bartender struck up a conversation. “So, you’re with the circus, eh? Have I got a tip for you.” he said.

“Oh, really. What’s that?”

“Just wait. He’ll be in in about twenty minutes.” Sure enough, twenty minutes later, the duck waddled in with his gang. “That’s what I’m talking about,” said the bartender, “Watch the duck.” The duck, as always, took his stool, ordered, and lifted his mug.

The circus owner was amazed. He quickly went and sat by the duck. “Excuse me,” he said, somewhat unsure, “you’re a duck, aren’t you?”

“Not this again . . .” muttered the duck. “What do you want?”

I run the circus,” he explained. “I could use a guy . . . that is, a duck . . . like you.”

“Really?” said the duck.

“Yeah, I could pay you really good, too. You’re one of a kind.”

“No kidding.”

“Yeah! You’re priceless! What else can you do, I mean, besides talk and drink beer?”

“Well,” he began, “I’m a . . . wait, did you say circus?

“Yes! The circus! You’ll be great!” the owner exclaimed.

“In a tent, with a big pole in the middle?”

“Yeah!” said the circus owner, getting excited.

“That’s canvas, isn’t it?” said the duck.

“Of course,” he replied, “You can start right away!”

The duck, looking more confused than before, asked, “What do you want with a bricklayer?”

Posted 2019·01·25 by David Kjos
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Posted in: Humor?

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