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The Thinking Is the Deepest Thing


What do you think about the Christ . . .?

—Matthew 22:42

These days, it seems that all of “worship” is aimed at manipulating emotions to produce a response. The same is true of most evangelism. From my early childhood to my late teens, I asked Jesus into my heart and made sincere, but false, professions of faith more times than I can remember. Many of you can recall the same experience. We felt one thing or another, and did what we were told we needed to do; but the core of who we are—our minds—was essentially unaffected. This is all backwards.


Christ makes demands upon every man in that inner realm of his thinking. He comes into my inner life and presents Himself. I look at Him and I think something of Him. I cannot tell you what I think, and you cannot read that inner thought, but if you will watch me through the next hour, day, week, month, year, you will know what I think of Him by what you see me do with Him.

Mark this mystery of human personality as it is taken into account in this question of Jesus. The final glory of a human being is that of volition, that of choice. I can choose. I can elect. I can decide. Or, to put it back into the simplest word of all, I can will. This is the dignity of human life.

What lies behind the will impelling it? The emotion. What lies behind the emotion? The intelligence. When I face a fact, whatever that fact may be, I face it first with my mind. I know it, and upon my conception of it in my mind, depends my attitude, my emotional attitude toward it. I like or dislike it; I love or hate it; I admire or reject it. That is emotion. Then I will, and what I will depends upon the attitude of emotion after the intelligence has looked and seen and understood. The emotion is moved by the thinking, the will is impulsed by the emotion. What do you think of Christ? If you have answered that question in your deepest heart I will tell you what happens. You will say either, “Because I think this of Him I love Him,” or “Because I think this of Him I hate Him.” Then the will will act in yielding to Him or refusing Him, in putting a crown upon His brow or sending Him to the cross out of the way. While the business of the messenger of the cross of Christ is that of appealing to your will, behind your will will be your emotional attitude toward Christ, and at the back of that, the deepest foundation of all, will be your thinking concerning Him.

—G. Campbell Morgan, “A Profound Question”, The Westminster Pulpit (Baker, 2006), 1:274–275.

Posted 2019·02·18 by David Kjos
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