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Random Selections: Absolute Dominion (Stephen Charnock)

Another randomly selected quotation from a randomly selected book (odd page, second paragraph):


This dominion [of God] is absolute. If his throne be in the heavens, there is nothing to control him. If he be independent, he must needs be absolute, since he hath no cause in conjunction with him as Creator, that can share with him in his right, or retain him in the disposal of his creature. His authority is unlimited; in this regard the title of lord becomes not any but God properly. Tiberius, thought none of the best, though one of the subtilest princes, accounted the title of lord a reproach to him, since he was not absolute.

—Stephen Charnock, The Works of Stephen Charnock, “A Discourse upon God’s Dominion” (Banner of Truth, 2010), 2:415.

Posted 2019·02·28 by David Kjos
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