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Random Selections: Until He Be Born Again (William Tyndale)

This random selection (even page, final paragraph) is from A Pathway into the Holy Scripture by William Tyndale (c. 1494–c. 1536), translator of the first English Bible—for which he was burned at the stake.


The fall of Adam hath made us heirs of the vengeance and wrath of God, and heirs of eternal damnation; and hath brought us into captivity and bondage under the devil. And the devil is our lord, and our ruler, our head, our governor, our prince, yea, and our god. And our will is locked and knit faster unto the will of the devil, than could an hundred thousand chains bind a man unto a post. Unto the devil’s will consent we with all our hearts, with all our minds, with all our might, power, strength, will and lusts; [so that the law and will of the devil is written in our hearts as well as in our members, and we run headlong after the devil with full zeal and the whole swing of all the power we have; as a stone cast up into the air cometh down naturally of its own self, with all the violence and swing of his own weight.] With what poison, deadly and venomous, hate hateth a man his enemy! With what great malice of mind, inwardly, do we slay and murder! With what violence and rage, yea, and with how fervent lust commit we [adultery], fornication and such like uncleanness! With what pleasure and delectation, inwardly, serveth a glutton his belly! With what diligence deceive we! How lustily seek we the things of this world! Whatsoever we do, think, or imagine, is abominable in the sight of God. [For we can refer nothing unto the honour of God; neither is his law or will written in our members or in our hearts: nor is there any more power in us to follow the will of God than there is in a stone to ascend upward of its own self.] And [besides that,] we are as it were asleep in so deep blindness, that we can neither see nor feel what misery, thralldom, and wretchedness we are in, till Moses come and wake us, and publish the law. When we hear the law truly preached, how we ought to love and honour God with all our strength and might, from the low bottom of our heart, [because he hath created us, and both heaven and earth for our sakes, and made us lord thereof;] and our neighbors (yea, our enemies) as ourselves, inwardly, from the ground of the heart . . . and how we ought to do whatsoever God biddeth, and abstain from whatsoever God forbiddeth, with all love and meekness, with a fervent and a burning lust from the center of the heart; then beginneth the conscience to rage against the law, and against God. No sea, be it ever so great a tempest, is so unquiet. For it is not possible for a natural man to consent to the law, that it should be good, or that God should be righteous which maketh the law; [inasmuch as it is contrary to his nature, and damneth him and all that he can do, and neither sheweth him where to fetch help, nor preacheth any mercy; but only setteth man at variance with God, (as witnesseth Paul, Rom. iv.) and provoketh him and stirreth him to rail on God, and to blaspheme him as a cruel tyrant. For it is not possible for a man, until he be born again, to think God is righteous to make him of so poison a nature, either for his own pleasure or for the sin of another man, or to give him a law that is impossible for him to do, or to consent to;] his wit, reason and will being so fast glued, yea, nailed and chained unto the will of the devil. Neither can any creature loose these bonds, save the blood of Christ [only].

The Works of William Tyndale (Banner of Truth, 2010), 1:17–18.

Posted 2019·05·21 by David Kjos
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