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Random Selections: Conviction First (Richard Sibbes)

From the beginning, I've wondered how long I can make these random selections before I land on a paragraph that makes no sense on its own. As of this entry (the 11th), it hasn't happened yet. This selection (even page, penultimate paragraph) is from Sin’s Antidote by Richard Sibbes (1577–1635).


The Spirit that testifies to a man that his sins are pardoned him, doth it first by convincing a man of his sins. Now, you know, there is more in conviction than bare discovery. It is a full and thorough discovery of the thing; and not only so, but an effectual discovery, such as works upon the soul; there is not only a light in the understanding, but some heat in the affection and in the will. Now, when the Spirit convinceth a man of sin, here is the first thing now whereby he knows that his sins are pardoned.

The Works of Richard Sibbes (Banner of Truth, 2001), 7:274.

Posted 2019·05·29 by David Kjos
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