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A Grizzly Tale

Two scientists, a Czech and a Slovak, had dedicated years to studying the life and habits of bears. They had travelled the world over, documenting Polar Bears in the Arctic, Asian Black Bears in Japan, Pandas in China, Sun Bears in Borneo, Sloth Bears in India, and Andean Bears in South America. Finally, they had come to North America, where they had travelled from Mexico to Canada observing the several subspecies of Black Bears.

Last on their list was the Brown Bear, found in Europe, Asia, and North America. They decided to study this species from west to east, so their first stop was Alaska, Kodiak Island, to be exact, where the largest of the species live. Knowing these bears could be dangerous, they arranged to keep in daily contact with the local game warden.

Several days passed, and on each day the game warden received a report from the scientists. Then one day, he didn't. Taking another warden with him, he set out for the researcher's last known location. When they arrived, they found the campsite in shambles, and evidence that the men had been dragged off by two bears. Following the bloody trail for several hundred yards, they came upon two large Kodiak bears, a boar and a sow. No remains were to be seen, but there was enough blood to convince the wardens that these bears had eaten the men. They had no choice but to shoot both and haul the carcasses to town to be autopsied.

The first bear opened up was the female. Sure enough, human remains were found, and were soon identified as belonging to the Slovak.

“You know what this means, don't you?” said the first warden.

“Yes, I do,“ replied the second. “The Czech is in the male.”


Posted 2019·06·21 by David Kjos
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Posted in: Humor?

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