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Those Angry Villagers Will Get You Every Time

imageA movie production company was filming on location in a remote village in a third-world nation. During the filming, they hired a several locals as manual laborers. Some were even given parts as extras.

One young man became so caught up in the excitement of it all that, when the filming was done and the cast and crew packed up to leave, he finagled a job and, without telling anyone or obtaining his family’s permission, got on the bus with the cast and headed off to the airport, California bound.

He had not gotten far, however, when his family discovered what he had done and took off in hot pursuit, with many other villagers joining the chase. They soon caught up to the bus and forced it to pull over, ordering everyone off the bus. The angry villagers surrounded the group of frightened actors and began picking up stones.

However, while acting as a mob is relatively easy and requires little courage, no individual could bring himself to throw a rock. Finally, the village leaders brought the young man’s father to the front of the mob and said, “Let him who is without son stone the cast first.”

Posted 2019·06·28 by David Kjos
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