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Opinions, I Got

The following song was posted on Facebook, and the poster made the mistake of soliciting opinions, so I gave him mine. I will leave this fellow anonymous to avoid embarrassment (his connection to me is probably embarrassing enough). For the one or two who might deduce his identity, let it be known that he is neither an idiot nor a fool. He might even be almost as smart as I am, although that’s no great compliment.

This being a pet topic of mine, I thought I’d post it here, as well. My assessment follows the video.


For the moment, I’ll forego commenting on the excruciating experience of listening to him whimper, wine, and moan—which is not at all irrelevant—and hit the most important point.

This song says absolutely nothing about God beyond the assertion that he’s “right by my side” so “I’m not alone.” Has God nothing more to offer than that? Is he just there, but doing nothing? What good is it to have him by my side? None of these questions—or the questions posed by the “singer”—are answered, and that’s very sad, because Scripture provides those answers. The Psalms are filled with laments like these, and are answered, not merely with vague statements about God’s presence, but with propositional statements about the nature and purpose of God, i.e., why bad things happen, and why it matters that he is with us.

In short, this song is theologically empty, offering nothing more than an emotional experience for those who depend on that sort of thing to make them feel spiritual (probably most “evangelicals”), but nothing of any real, eternal value—which makes it fit perfectly with what is being sung in many “evangelical” churches every Sunday.

Three thumbs down.

Addendum: On the positive side, this song contains no heresy, which is more than I can say for a lot of songs that pass for “Christian” these days. There: May it not be said that I never say anything nice.

Posted 2019·10·01 by David Kjos
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Posted in: Musical Miasma & Putrid Poetry

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