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Yes, I am aware of the theological difficulties with this one.

Suffering from uncontrollable seizures and erratic behavior, a man made an appointment to see a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist ran a full battery of psychological tests, and even sent him to a neurologist to have his brain examined. Finally, he came to an unexpected conclusion.

“This is very unusual,” he told his patient, “I’ve never encountered this before. There is nothing wrong with you, mentally or physically. I believe you are possessed.”

“Possessed!” exclaimed the man. “You mean by a demon or something?”

“That’s exactly what I mean,” the doctor replied. “I’m calling my priest. I think he can help.”

The next week, when the man came for his psychiatric session, the priest was there. The psychiatrist sat back in a corner while the priest performed an exorcism. Afterwards, the man went home. At his next appointment, the psychiatrist questioned him about events following the exorcism until the present.

“It’s really amazing,” he said. “The fits have stopped. I haven’t done anything strange at all since the exorcism. I guess you were right!”

“Well, I believe you are cured,” replied the doctor.

The man went home. Bills arrived from the psychiatric office, but he didn’t pay them. For several months, he ignored the requests for payment, until the letters were coming from a collection agency. Still, he refused to pay. Finally, the psychiatrist himself got in his car, stopped by the rectory to pick up the priest, drove to the man’s house, and had him repossessed.

Posted 2019·10·04 by David Kjos
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