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He Shall Come

From whence he shall come to judge the living and the dead.

Though the whole world cries out for justice, human governments, at their very best, can never fully satisfy that need. But justice, full and perfect, is coming.


Indeed, Scripture testifies that true justice is coming. This great hope is missing from the horizon of so many Christians. Christ’s judgment will be so perfect that all the judged—whether declared righteous through Christ or not—will agree with the righteousness of the judgment. Those who go to hell will fully know the rightfulness of that verdict, as will those who go to heaven because of what Christ has done on our behalf.

. . . This judgment affirms the wrath of God, and if we flinch from speaking honestly about the wrath of God, then we can never speak honestly about the love of God. For the wrath of God is not his loss of temper. It is not an unrighteous anger. God’s wrath is the appropriate and natural response of the Holy One to a rebellion against his perfect righteousness. Heaven and hell will bear witness to the perfect judgment of God.

These truths point again to the gospel, for no sinner in and of himself can find survival in this judgment. The only means of survival—the only means of acquittal or salvation—is the loving sacrifice of Christ, our defender and our judge. Christians must live with urgency because we understand that in this present age God will use us to snatch some from the evil one. . . . Our understanding of the future fuels our actions in the present; thus, missions and evangelism are eschatological activities—focused and fueled by the knowledge of Christ’s coming.

. . .

The fact that Christ is coming “whence to judge the quick and the dead” tells us that we are not going to have our best life now, nor should we look for it. For those who have their best life now are going to face a very different life in the age to come. We sing, we read Scripture, we share the gospel, we preach the Word against the backdrop of the coming kingdom. We can eat, drink, serve, and sleep with confidence only because we have assurance that we know the future. That future is Jesus Christ, and we are safe in him.

—Albert Mohler, The Apostles’ Creed (Crossway, 2019), 130–132.

Posted 2020·03·06 by David Kjos
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