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The Four-Leaf Clover

I’m Norwegian, so I don’t really celebrate St Patrick’s Day, but it is St Patrick’s Day, and I’m lazy, so here’s this:


There was no question about it, Paddy Fitzpatrick was lucky. Everyone knew it.

Since that serendipitous day so long ago, when wandering aimlessly in the country, despondent, mourning the loss of his one true love, he had been exceedingly lucky. It began, as these things so often do, with an accident, an unfortunate event without which a fortunate event would have been missed. It was nothing serious. A broken shoelace, nothing more; but as he knelt to tie the broken ends together, cursing bad luck added to worse, his eyes came to rest on something wonderful and rare. It was a four-leaf clover. . . .

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Posted 2020·03·17 by David Kjos
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