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The Forgiveness of Sins

I believe in . . . the forgiveness of sins.


The next phrase of the Apostles’ Creed introduces, for the first time, something to confess about humanity. The creed, up to this point, declared the glorious work of the triune God, the splendor and scandal of Christ’s ministry, the universal and sovereign reign of the resurrected Christ, the promise of future judgment, and the establishment of the church. Now, however, the creed turns to the character of mankind. Humanity finally shows up, and we show up as sinners.

. . .

It is vital for Christians today to understand, grasp, and apply the doctrines tied to this phrase in the Apostles’ Creed. A withdrawal from a robust and biblical understanding of the horror of sin necessarily diminishes the beauty, power, and splendor of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Contained in the affirmation “the forgiveness of sins” is nothing less than the heartbeat of all our hope as believers. Christians, therefore, must strive to believe every dimension of this quintessential declaration found in the Apostles’ Creed. Failure to glory in the depths of the doctrines that we are about to explore cripples Christian hope, praise, and obedience. Without “the forgiveness of sins,” there is no gospel—there is no hope for the people of God, for there will be no people of God.

—Albert Mohler, The Apostles’ Creed (Crossway, 2019), 167–168.

Posted 2020·03·19 by David Kjos
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