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Eternal Priorities

I love these stories of survival:

We are warned that the coronavirus is especially deadly for the elderly. This, no doubt, is true, and so it is perfectly sensible for older folks to be extra-cautious. But the stories above remind us that God is sovereign over life and death. The deadliest virus cannot kill anyone outside of God’s predetermined will. As he has written:

See now that I, I am He,
And there is no god besides Me;
It is I who put to death and give life.
I have wounded and it is I who heal,
And there is no one who can deliver from My hand.
—Deuteronomy 32:39

The Lord kills and makes alive;
He brings down to Sheol and raises up.
—1 Samuel 2:6

Man, who is born of woman,
Is short-lived and full of turmoil.
Like a flower he comes forth and withers.
He also flees like a shadow and does not remain.
You also open Your eyes on him
And bring him into judgment with Yourself.
Who can make the clean out of the unclean?
No one!
Since his days are determined,
The number of his months is with You;
And his limits You have set so that he cannot pass.
—Job 14:1–5

The span of each person’s life is ordained by his creator, from the day of his birth to the day of his death. No matter how or when death comes, it can never be said to be premature. No one dies before his time. Although we should take care—for ourselves and others—to keep healthy and safe, we must know that death is coming, and will not be cancelled or postponed. Scripture assures us that “it is appointed for men to die once.” This is an undeniable fact, but it is not the fact that should concern us most. The reality that should be foremost on our minds is that “it is appointed for men to die once and after this comes judgment” (Hebrews 9:27).

In this time in which the world is focused on saving lives, let us not forget that the business of the church and its members is the salvation of souls.

For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? —Matthew 16:26

Posted 2020·04·14 by David Kjos
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