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Carl Trueman

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That’s Disgusting

Friday··2013·08·23 · 2 Comments
This is one of those uncomfortable days when I find myself disagreeing with my betters. Easing my discomfort somewhat is the fact that my betters are disagreeing with each other, and I, at least, get to side with one of them. Thabiti Anyabwile, with whom I seldom disagree, has written a fine piece on The Importance of Your Gag Reflex When Discussing Homosexuality and “Gay Marriage”. Carl Trueman, with whom I also seldom disagree, says Brother Anyabwile has it all wrong. I say Dr. Trueman is wrong. Trueman says, The normalisation of homosexuality is sad and thus I really do appreciate the Rev. Anyabwile’s desire to make sure that we understand its seriousness. The problem with doing that via aesthetics, however, is that aesthetic arguments are often highly subjective . . . [full post] Which is quite true, but I think a very important point is missed. For creatures created in the image of God, and especially those who have been recreated in Christ and filled with the Holy Spirit, all that is subjective is not entirely subjective. That I, along with all men in general, find women attractive is not a matter of subjective aesthetics. It is my God-given nature. Likewise, that we are disgusted at the thought of doing with our own sex what we delight to do with the opposite sex is not a mere matter of taste, either. It is God’s design. He made us, like magnets, to be attracted and repelled. Of course, we are fallible, and the Imago Dei is corrupted by the Fall; therefore, we cannot merely trust our instincts and impulses without question. But neither should we toss them aside as uselessly subjective. Rather, we should test our reactions against God’s. That which pleases him should please us, and that which disgusts him should disgust us (see God’s Gag Reflex by Aaron Armstrong for more on that). The “yuck factor” is part of the image of God in us, and Anyabwile is right: it should never have been excluded from public debate. We need to bring it back, because every human being reflects God’s image and by nature knows homosexuality is against nature. When confronted with what it really is, human beings created in the image of God are disgusted, and that is as God intended. Update: Thabiti answers his critics.

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