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Π Day

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Surely you didn’t forget …

It’s a big day, as I’m sure you know. The excitement has been building since the moment, yesterday, when I was reminded that today is March 14. That’s right, 3.14, otherwise known as π. So happy Pi Day! At this very moment, the Chief Baker at Thirsty Theologian headquarters is preparing the official Pi Day pie for 2013. What will it be? Not cherry; that was last year. Will it be apple? Pumpkin? Banana cream? The tension in the air is palpable. Each of these events grow more exciting, naturally, as 2015 approaches, and we begin planning the big, once per century, 3.1415 gala. Only two years to go! And to think that if I had been born twenty or thirty years earlier, I probably would have missed it. Such providence. It all makes me wonder how they felt who lived in the late sixteenth century and witnessed the passing of the never-to-be-repeated 3.141592. How exhilarating that must have been, but how deep the post-Pie Day depression. Update: Apple!

Something the Groundhog Can’t Ruin

I woke up this morning with a song in my heart and a fork in my hand. Like all of you, I’ve been anticipating this day all Winter. Pi Day! It’s the first celebration of Spring, and more importantly, an excuse to eat pie. So that’s what we at Thirsty Theologian headquarters will be doing today, thanks to the tireless efforts of our Chief Baker. Banana cream this year, for those keeping score. Remember: Next year will be 3.1415. You won’t want to miss this once-per-century festival.

Like a Big Pizza Π

When the diameter of your eye is multiplied by π, that’s amore. When 22/7 takes you nearly to heaven, that’s amore. Pencils sing, calculating circular stuff; Digits 3.14159265 will not be enough. When . . . Oh, forget it. Such silliness is not becoming on this august occasion. Today’s Π Day pie comes with musical accompaniment in honor of its once-per-century extra-digitiness—3/14/15*. Enjoy. And now, the pie. [Photo taken with cheap cell phone camera. It looked much better in person.] Rumor has it there will be chicken pot pie for supper. Update: No chicken pot pie tonight. The piesmith decided on blueberry. * Yes, since you asked, I do wish I had been here in 1592.
You know what day it is, don’t you? To our great shame, we forgot until mid-morning but, by the grace of God, remembered in time to salvage the day and give it it’s due. This year, we were prepared with some new equipment that will surely enhance our celebration. You can get yours at the links below. The plate The π Behold the pie: Cherry Π
Π Day. Blueberry Π Day, to be exact. What are you doing to celebrate?
Pumpkin Π Day.


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