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Reformation Day

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That Day in Wittenburg

Friday··2011·10·28 · 3 Comments
Reformation Day, popularly known as “Halloween,” is right around the corner. On this day, we commemorate the day that Martin Luther and his pals dressed up as Sponge Bob and other popular Sixteenth Century characters, and went door-to-door in Wittenburg, collecting candy and playing juvenile pranks. Oh yes, he also TPed a church, which really ticked off the Pope and led to his excommunication. And that’s all I’ve got to say about the day for this year. Five years ago, I said this, which is pretty much what I would say today. I could say more, and I could definitely say it better, but recycling is more economical. You’ve probably already read this theory of why Halloween has become what it is today. I think it’s mostly on the mark. Finally, If we didn’t do as we do on Halloween, I would definitely apply this rather obscure text.

Five Hundred Years and Still Not Over

Happy Reformation Day. Carl Trueman lecturing on The Reformation at The Master’s Seminary


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